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Dear Neighbor

When I was first made aware that you were building a roof deck (by the incessant hammering and sawing of your laborers,) I thought “How nice for them.” I, living in one of the many apartment structures facing your home, do not have the benefit of owning a roof on which to build. And when…

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50 Stories, Week 18: Idleness

A SHORT STORY… When I moved to San Francisco in 1994 to finish college, I lived by the skanky strip clubs on the edge of North Beach where it meets Chinatown. My boyfriend Richard and I shared an apartment that belonged to the owner of the Green Tortoise hostel, which was across the street. Richard…

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50 Stories, Week 5: SFPD’s Finest

I was frightened. Ten seconds earlier, I couldn’t have predicted that I’d be standing in my towel, hair dripping wet on the floor, defending myself to a couple of officers. There’s nothing quite like having San Francisco Police Department’s finest on your doorstep. Jackson had been having a tough time falling asleep and was up…

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