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50 Stories, Week 26: The Conjurer

Over the course of my career, I would occasionally have to spend a week in the south of France for a conference. ‘Having’ to spend your days overlooking the Mediterranean and socializing with colleagues from around the world could be seen as a sacrifice, I imagine. Working around the clock for a solid week –…

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Recovering in Rishikesh

Hari Om! I arrived in Rishikesh Monday afternoon and promptly took a five hour nap. This jet lag has been worse than usual. I’m both tired and excited so pushing myself to stay awake and then crashing, hard. I got my first full night’s sleep in a week and then like clockwork, woke up with…

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Why India?

In a few hours, I’ll be boarding a flight bound for Delhi to spend the next 40 days in India. If you asked me in the last 25 years why I wanted to go, I’d give my shpiel about having a best friend who is Indian since I was 16 or having practiced yoga since…

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