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You feel me?

Before I get into my trip to Italy, I’ve had something else on my mind this past week, this trip, this lifetime. Being understood. I read a quote recently that “being loved is great, but being understood is profound.” I heard that and I thought YES! Of course we need love but we also need…

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From India to Italy

I know. I’m a walking Eat, Pray, Love cliché. Turns out, three weeks of India was it for me. I don’t know what exactly was the turning point, but when you know its time to go, its time to go. I struggled with the shame of not completing what I’d set out to do –…

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So far, India is everything.

Guess who spent 48 hours with Delhi belly?! That’s right. This girl. Because India is trying to kick my ass. I don’t think the internet explanation does Delhi belly justice, so let me give you a quick reality check. It is not like, when you had some spicy food at dinner and have a loose…

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