FTLB, Part Four

Oh oh hi! It’s our final installment of finding bras for lovely old ladies with small boobies who care about design and inclusivity. Marketers, listen up!

This week it’s a tie between Natori and Cuup (new size, who dis?!)

NEGATIVE UNDERWEAR – Stealth Mode Demi Bra in Buff –

NEGATIVE UNDERWEAR – Silky Demi Bra in Peach – 34A

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – C
    • Same complaints as last time…everyone is young and thin/fit and non-disabled. On their Insta, a few bigger ladies but overall, everyone is stunning. It’s some weird aspirational shit when they should have more faith in their products that they would look good on all types of bodies.
    Sustainability/Practices – A
    • Transparent on their site about where they source and manufacture, as well as certifications. Clearly, they not only care about these things but are willing to take action to support the environment and working standards.
    Cost – B/C
    • Again, these are pricey – $75, $65 respectively.
    Design – B/C
    • Muted colors and simple, modern design but the silky smooth one had this gathering under the boob that would be visible with a snug shirt plus, why?
    Fit/Comfort – C
    • Womp womp. The padded underwire one in particular just cut in all the wrong places, didn’t manage sleeveage.
  • NATORI – Feathers Bra in Café – 34A

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – C
    • Woman-founded (CEO and fabulous) and family-owned, you would think awesome, right? All but one of their Insta models was young and thin, and while there is some diversity in color, age and abilities? Not so much.
    Sustainability/Practices – D
    • So disappointing. They lack transparency in their efforts around reducing impact on the environment or the people who work in their factories. They don’t even have any statements of intent or impact on their site.
    Cost – B
    • I think a little pricey at $68 but with care, it could last a long time. Might not be day-to-day bra.
    Design – A/B
    • Clearly, the design is great for small sagging boobs but that is more of a functional thing and less of an aesthetic one.
    Fit/Comfort – A
    • Really comfortable for an underwire/push up bra of sorts. Lace isn’t itchy, great stretch all around. And hello, it gave me cleavage!
  • NAJA – Aria Lace Plunge Bra in Black – 34A

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – B
    • They have some different shapes and colors of humans, and I even saw one older (fit!) lady in a tub on their site, but they could do even better.
    Sustainability/Practices – A
    • They educate and empower women through their Underwear for Hope program, use some eco-friendly materials and make efforts to reduce environmental impact, no testing on animals, etc.
    Cost – C
    • $68 and didn’t seem worth it as they design and fit and fabric weren’t all that.
    Design – C
    • I think it probably looked good on paper, this tall thin triangle with a little sheer and lace, but once on, it didn’t work.
    Fit/Comfort – C
    • The bra didn’t actually cover the boobs, the triangles cut into about 20% so there was not only sleevage but side boob.
  • CUUP – The Balconette in Mesh, Leopard – 32D

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – C
    • The complaints are the same. On their Insta, a few fleshier ladies but overall, everyone is young, stunning and sexxxxxy. Here I am complaining about being an older lady with no representation, I can’t imagine what it is like to never see a body similar to mine.
    Sustainability/Practices – D
    • Bummer, they have no transparency about their practices, much like Natori. It’s more like ‘we support ways to be sustainable’ but then can’t point out specific efforts.
    Cost – B
    • $68 but worth it!
    Design – A
    • They did have other colors but I wanted something fun. The design is different from other underwires in that it starts at the pit and ends at the sternum so more… robust
    Fit/Comfort – A
    • I was so surprised at the fit, a 32D! The cups fit perfectly. The underwires did, too, though I’m not sure how long it would be comfortable for because I’m not used to wearing an underwire all day
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    1. There is something great and something really
      not great about each of the these bras.
      I am dizzy with indecision.

      But I am loving your hair.


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