FTLB, Part Three

What’s up Party People? For those about to rock, I salute you! Seriously, though, here’s a 7-minute video showcasing a few more bras for the aging tittays. I think the triangle bra might be the way to go for most of us, but see for yourself. Overall, though, the biggest issue is still around forgetting about us older women in their marketing – pure stupidity.

PARADE – Plunge Bralette Re:Play in Magic Berry – S

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – B 
    • I know, they are super inclusive and pride themselves on it but true inclusivity (even if they’re not marketing to older ladies like me) would include different bodies, maybe those with disabilities.
  • Sustainability/Practices – A
    • Their core fabric is made of 85% recycled polyamide and all materials are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they’re free from harmful chemicals that pollute our skin and our waters. Our packaging is compostable, and made of 100% corn starch. They also put their $ where their mouth is when they say they’re committed to social good, donating to both Planned Parenthood and the Yellowhammer Fund in Alabama.
  • Cost – A/B
    • For $30, you get what you pay for. It’s stylish and decently made, but probably won’t last more than a year in the same condition with regular wear.
  • Design – A
    • Clearly, I’m not their demographic, but it’s kind of a shame bc the product is both fun and functional. Great colors and modern design.
  • Fit/Comfort – A
    • Super soft, stretchy material, looks good under a casual t-shirt. Not much support though managed to keep the sleevage to a minimum, feels like second skin.

LIVELY – The Mesh Trim Bralette in Toasted Almond – S

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – D
    • Again, they primarily use one young, thin model throughout their site, save for a handful of other young models. Their Insta shows about 30% more diversity around size and color, but they are clearly not looking for older humans or those with disabilities.
  • Sustainability/Practices – D
    • Again, owned by Wacoal Int’l, they don’t seem to be taking any steps toward fair labour or environmentally sound practices. On their site, they say “We’re moving forward in our journey toward sustainability,” which is a bullshit way of saying, they haven’t done much.
  • Cost – B
    • Bought this at a discount, three for $27 each
  • Design – A
    • This is a great design, similar to Pepper’s Wirefree Scoop.
  • Fit/Comfort – A
    • Fit like a glove, so to speak. Really comfy, stretchy material, created a little cleavage even.

COSABELLA – Trenta Soft Bra in Nude – S

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – C
    • Sure, they’ve got a mix of skin tones and a few lovely ladies with more flesh on their bones, but overall, these are super young, perfectly proportioned, taut women. I would think that since the original couple that started the company is still designing and running the joint, they’d mix it up a bit more.
  • Sustainability/Practices – C
    • They have a ‘sustainable collection.’ What I can’t find is anything more than that around their environmental and supply chain processes. What they DO have is a solid origin story, small family business with high quality design and manufacturing in Italy. I have to believe that with all the care they put into their lace and color, they’ve got to be paying their people ok, right? Caring about the supply chain? Needs more transparency.
  • Cost – C
    • I mean, $66 is a little pricey but if you’re planning on wearing that lace cami on the regular, could be worth it.
  • Design – B
    • I really like a lot of their designs, particularly their underwear, but this bra is more of a sexy placeholder until something more interesting happens with your evening.
  • Fit/Comfort – B
    • Slightly, ever so slightly itchy lace but overall, very comfortable around the rib cage and shoulders. Ok sleevage coverage.

ORGANIC BASICS – TENCEL™ Lite Bralette in Dusty Rose – S

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – C
    • Women on their site are all young and mostly thin, though a variety of colors. All of the men are young, tall and thin. Everyone is non-disabled. Same on their Insta.
  • Sustainability/Practices – A
    • I mean, it’s at the core of their business. From their fabric to the factories they use, they’re doing the best of the best.
  • Cost – B
    • $60 is a pricey but until more people buy these higher quality, sustainable items, the cost will remain the same.
  • Design – B
    • I like the little cutout design and support band. Do wish there was a better way to deal with the seams on each boob in front.
  • Fit/Comfort – A
    • I mean, the material is like butter. Good support once you adjust the straps (which you might have to do more than once.)

NEGATIVE UNDERWEAR – Whipped Triangle Bra in Colorblock – 1

NEGATIVE UNDERWEAR – Silky Non-Wire Bra 2.0 in Slate – 1

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – C
    • The complaints are the same. Yes, some different colors but really, everyone is young and thin/fit and non-disabled. On their Insta, a few bigger ladies but overall, everyone is stunning. It’s some weird aspirational shit when they should have more faith in their products… they would look good on everyone, I swear!
  • Sustainability/Practices – A
    • Transparent on their site about where they source and manufacture, as well as certifications. Clearly, they not only care about these things but are willing to take action to support the environment and working standards.
  • Cost – B
    • Again, these are pricey – $56, $65 respectively – but worth it for the comfort and design. I get the sense though that without proper care, they will wear out easily.
  • Design – A
    • Muted colors and simple, modern design. The non-wire bra in particular is sexy.
  • Fit/Comfort – A
    • They just fit perfectly, I don’t know how else to say it. Obvs, I can’t speak for bigger boobs, but for me, with the fat distribution down on my lower ribcage now, these are incredibly comfortable and keep a little cleavage shape, while managing sleevage ok too.


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