FTLB, Part Two

Hello all!

Round 2 of bra testing for these little aging beauties.

This 8-minute episode features Lively and Knix bras that are form fitting aka molded, shapely numbers. And honestly, it gets kind of funny with the Knix bras–so glad I can laugh at myself.

Here’s the skinny…

LIVELY – The No-Wire Balconette Bra: Toasted Almond – 34A 

LIVELY –The All-Day Deep V No-Wire: Toasted Almond – 34A

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – D
    • They primarily use one young, thin model throughout their site, save for a handful of other young models. Their Insta shows about 30% more diversity around size and color, but they are clearly not looking for older or differently abled folx.
  • Sustainability/Practices – D
    • According to Good On You (a great site to check for sustainable brands,) they’re one to avoid. Owned by Wacoal Int’l, they don’t seem to be taking any steps toward fair labour or environmentally sound practices. On their site, they say “We’re moving forward in our journey toward sustainability,” which is a bullshit way of saying, they haven’t done much.
  • Cost – B
    • I think they had a discount for multiple purchases, to these were each about $27
  • Design – B/C
    • The No-Wire Balconette was a solid design, no digging into the boob, save for potential side stitching issue. The All-Day Deep V No-Wire was not great for those with sleevage or weird fat distribution like me, but I see the appeal and potential.
  • Fit/Comfort – B/C
    • The No-Wire Balconette was comfortable and fit well around the ribcage. The All-Day Deep V No-Wire felt like I’d spend too much time adjusting it.

KNIX – Infinity Bra: Pink Ginger 32-34 A/B (M)

KNIX – WingWoman Contour Bra: Night Garden 2

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – A 
    • Even though there aren’t any differently abled bodies present, there are a great variety of ages, colors and shapes. Thank you (though it would also be great to see older ladies who aren’t in super fit shape, as most of us will age more typically.)
  • Sustainability/Practices – C/D
    • They are “taking into consideration” their impact, aiming to empower people and reduce environmental waste. Intent is great, impact is weak.
  • Cost – C
    • $60 is pricey for a bra, especially one that is day-to-day, but if it fit great, I’d invest in at least one.
  • Design – C
    • I feel like these are not meant for small boobs, nor aging bodies. You have to want that specific look of molded/shaped boobs and also, maybe stuff them with socks.
  • Fit/Comfort – B
    • They did actually fit snug in the ribcage and shoulder area, and bras both held in the sleevage, no cutting into flabby back skin situation either.


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