FTLB, Part One

Good morning y’all!

The first installation of bra reviews for the aging gratefully, petite melons community is here.

(Note, these will be more frequent than weekly as I realized the bras have a 30 day return policy and I won’t be keeping any that don’t do the job!)

This 8-minute episode features Pepper, Warner and Madewell bras that are lightly lined. I’ll also do underwire, triangle shaped, and full coverage. Judging categories are below and to clarify what I mean around ‘inclusivity in marketing’. Yes, I want to see different shapes, sizes, abilities, and skin colors but also different AGES within those categories, too!

Ok, here’s the lowdown or the download or insert whatever makes me sound cool these days:

PEPPER – Ultraviolet Wirefree Scoop Bra in Ultraviolet / Small

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – C
    • Everybody’s young and thin
  • Sustainability/Practices – A
    • Founded by women, ethical manufacturing with fair market wages, made of sustainable non-toxic materials
  • Cost – B
    • At $48 this is one of the pricier bras but you can tell the fabric and design is higher quality
  • Design – A
    • Cute, stylish, fun colors
  • Fit/Comfort – B
    • Only concern is under boob band without enough elasticity for long term wear

WARNERS – Easy Does It Wire Free Bra in Toasted Almond / Small

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – C
    • Everybody’s young, thin and mostly white on their site but more diversity of color and shapes on their Insta.
  • Sustainability/Practices – C
    • While they’ve committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, haven’t done enough to deal with textile waste in supply chain (parent company: PVH Group)
  • Cost – A
    • I found this for $20 on Nordstrom Rack
  • Design – B
    • It’s pretty utilitarian, functional
  • Fit/Comfort – A
    • Advertised as ‘Banish Underarm Bulge’, extra mesh siding works

MADEWELL – Cotton Blend Jersey Bralette in Wisteria Dove / Small

  • Inclusivity in Marketing – D
    • Everybody’s young, only one model with different shape
  • Sustainability/Practices – D
    • Owned by J. Crew, they’re not making strides in sustainability around living wages, environmental impact, fabrics or supply chain
  • Cost – A
    • I found this for $17 on Nordstrom Rack
  • Design – C
    • Casual, not built for long term
  • Fit/Comfort – B
    • Super stretchy straps but overall fit well and was comfortable

This post’s winner is Pepper. Just wish they had cute matching bottoms with that lilac color!


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