The Quest for Health

I’ve decided to spend 2016 focused on my health – physical, mental and spiritual… but mostly physical.

I’ve had ongoing allergy and GI issues most of my adult life, only getting worse, not better. I have tried, literally, every ‘diet’ under the sun, usually resulting in hunger and a feeling of deprivation despite eating healthy, whole, organic and locally grown nourishing foods. I have seen numerous doctors and practitioners from eastern and western (and southern) philosophies. I’ve been poked and prodded and tested ad infinitum. I’ve taken supplements and shakes and pills. I’ve practiced yoga for 25 years, and give thanks every day. And still… my symptoms persist. Now that I am in my mid-40’s, I have new symptoms, as well. Pain in my jaw, likely from a tooth that was extracted over a year ago. Lower back pain that developed almost two years ago when I was laid off then moved in with my now-husband and his two daughters.

So instead of indulging in my mid-life crisis and wondering what I’m supposed to be doing with the rest of my life that makes me happy and fulfilled and has meaning, I’m going to focus on getting to the bottom of these symptoms.

One day I would like to eat chocolate cake again. Drink a glass of wine or a margarita. Have a piece of toast with butter and jam. Chips and guacamole. A fresh tomato salad. Sauteed garlic and broccoli with a side of rice and soy sauce.

The little things in life.

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